Building Permit Requirements

A building permit is required for any construction which changes the outside dimensions of a structure or adds a structure to the property. This includes fences.

Permit applications must be completed by the property owner or designated contractor. The property owner is the responsible party for obtaining a building permit.

Upon return of the completed permit, the City Supervisor will inspect the proposed project and either approve the permit as submitted or explain what changes must be made to the project to bring it into compliance with the Keewatin Zoning Ordinance. The permit will then be reviewed by Zoning Commission members and must be approved by three members of the board. The Zoning Commission generally oversees the question of density of a property taking the proposed project into consideration.

The project may commence after a $50.00 permit fee has been paid. A second look by the City Supervisor is required after forms and ground lay out has been made and before actual construction, ie. pouring of concrete, has begun to insure that the proposed project meets the specifications as outlined in the permit.

For more information about Building Permits contact the city office at 778-6517.